PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management

How Does PPC Management Service Help Elevate Your Brand?

PPC / Google Ads Management Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and San Diego, CA | Instinctive Digital Marketing San DiegoSuppose you’re looking for immediate results in instant sales or conversions. In that case, PPC is your go-to marketing tool, known as Pay-Per-Click Management. It is a great strategy to get you the right customers in less time. PPC will get your products, services, and offers in front of potential customers who are actively looking for you on the web. Advertise on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Bing, Nextdoor and more. Our proven PPC optimization service leverages compelling messaging and flawless website experience to support and drive more conversions. Our team will test, analyze, and optimize every aspect of your campaign from end to end. Our proven strategies have helped numerous clients succeed in the digital space. Get successful PPC management services and increase your conversions with Instinctive Digital Marketing!

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Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Our PPC specialists integrate basic analytics tracking and conversion tracking codes for PPC as per requirements. Proper monitoring is essential to our success, and we will work with your team to ensure it is accurate. We would monitor all relevant conversion points, including lead generation and newsletter sign-up forms.

Keyword Selection

‍Keyword selection is vital to the success of any PPC Campaign. We believe in a comprehensive, long-tailed keyword approach because it lowers costs per click and increases relevance. The broader terms will need to be bid slightly lower since the conversion rates will be lower.

Target Competitors

‍At Instinctive Digital Marketing, we propose targeting competitors’ names as keywords. Branding is influential in your vertical market. Also, we want to target the competitor’s name for highly relevant clicks whenever we have a competitive advantage. We will create well-composed ads and high-quality landing pages for this practice to be effective.

Quality Scores‍

PPC / Google Ads Management | Instinctive Digital Marketing San DiegoSince high-quality scores are crucial to the account’s success, we routinely review quality scores and restructure Pay-Per-Click campaigns with that in mind. At Instinctive Digital Marketing, we anticipate having dedicated search, display network, and remarketing campaigns. We expect each search and display campaign to have dozens of ad groups of tightly knit keywords for optimal quality scores.

PPC Match Types

‍We advise focusing on more exacting match types in our PPC campaign management. For the most part, we avoid broad match keywords, excluding where a keyword has proven to have meager conversion costs. Instead, we will focus on modified broad match keywords, phrase matched keywords, and exact matched ones, with higher bids on the better exacting match type. We can accomplish a few things with this methodology. First, we will be able to micromanage bids better since the matched keywords are more likely to convert than the broad matched keywords and merit more aggressive bids. More importantly, the relevancy between keywords goes up when Google notices a keyword is present multiple times in different variations within an ad group. That usually leads to higher quality scores, which lowers our CPCs.

Negative Keywords

‍Negative keywords block traffic triggered by your keywords, but not truly the traffic you want coming to your website. We will have many negative keywords we have identified from previous clients in your industry that we can incorporate into your account. Ongoing reviews of search queries plus the addition of negative keywords are part of our standard operating procedures.

Bid Adjustments

‍We utilize our bid management software and expertise to allow us to bid on the keywords and websites that reach the campaign’s target audience with the most cost-effective rates. We have found that positions two and three are often the most cost-effective. Still, we will treat each keyword individually and use our tools to push them to the optimal places.

Managing by Devices

‍With the advent of Google-enhanced campaigns, the mobile marketplace has changed. Mobile traffic is a giant online market segment but tends to convert at a lower rate. We will adapt to this conversion rate in two ways. First, click-to-call conversions from a mobile device are often the preferred conversion method. Secondly, we usually recommend bidding down on our mobile bids. Our experience shows that a 10 to 15 percent reduction in your marketplace is a good starting point. However, you may have internal data that further refines this figure.

Ad Creation

‍Getting the messaging right is key to successful PPC marketing & management. We have seen messaging have significant effects on click-through rates and conversion rates. These results are one of the reasons we emphasize such a high level of client interaction when creating ad campaigns. We incorporate your messaging with our standard best practices regarding ad copy to create effective and compelling ads. Both for text and image ads. We can either utilize existing image ads or create new and unique ads with the images you provide. Getting the ad messaging right ensures we use optimal images from our inventory.

Ad Variations

‍Our specialists recommend split testing several ad variations. We will design a series of highly optimized PPC ads and split test them against each other. We also incorporate ad extensions into each ad group and optimize them to improve click-through rates.

Display Network

‍We recommend not putting more than 10 to 15 percent of the PPC budget into the display networks. This network targets people researching information on websites relevant to your industry. Still, we project the traffic quality to be much lower than in the search networks. The click price in the display networks, which we guess will be a fraction of the search networks, is low enough that we think this can be a source of cost-effective traffic. In particular, we want to put a significant focus on remarketing. If the data demonstrates otherwise, we will enlarge the budgets for these campaigns and extend the display networks.


‍We believe that “remarketing” or “retargeting” will be a vital component of the success of your digital marketing efforts. Here is a brief explanation. Unless they have cookies disabled on their computer, a cookie can be placed on the computer of any website visitor. It doesn’t matter how they got on the website. Those customers or clients can then be targeted with low-cost ads and visit different sites online. This scenario is usually very cost-effective and can turn a one-time visitor into a customer, multiplying our efforts toward our target clientele.

PPC Reporting Tools

We will share our reporting tool. This source does a great job of showing trending data. We send these reports and personal analyses of your account every month.

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