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Is Social Media Management Right for my Business?

Instagram & Facebook, now Meta together have close to 4 billion active monthly users. At the same time, other platforms are in the hundreds of millions. Social media management is managing your online interactions and content across these social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. These channels can connect and engage millions of people interested in your product or service. Suppose you want to leverage these touchpoints to expand your reach but do not have the time to manage it. In that case, our team of social media professionals can help.

Our Social Media Execution

Now that we’ve conducted our research, we’ll look at what we know about your audience. We’ll develop engaging and compelling content that speaks to the audience’s needs. Engagements and responses will be a regular part of our management of your social media profiles. We may even reach out to your fans and followers to kick-start conversations. If anyone posts questions and concerns to your page, we’ll handle those in your brand’s voice and tone. Depending on the company or business, we may even leverage contests, sweepstakes, or specials to engage your audience. Our team members will map all of this out in the social media management strategy we provide.

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Integrating Accounts

It is essential to ensure that everyone requested to work on the account has access through the platform’s business manager and establishes ownership for our clients. This will include adding any business managers, ad accounts, pages, groups, or access we need to work efficiently without any passwords. This process is relatively easy and will help make life easier for you when having several employees or agencies working on your social media accounts.

Pixel & Analytics Conversion Tracking

If the client is spending money on advertising, we need to know how well the social media campaigns perform. This monitoring comes from pixels and analytics conversion tracking. We will walk you through putting code on your site to track where the traffic is going, what they are doing, and if they bought anything. This monitoring helps us get the most for your dollar and allows us to A/B test properly. In addition, this form of tracking leads to effective remarketing campaigns and lower costs per acquisition.

Building Remarketing Campaigns

Our experts can set up remarketing campaigns after the pixel and analytics code is in place. The pixel and analytics code allows us to retarget the same individuals who have previously spent time on your website if they did not convert it into a sale. The primary goal is to build campaigns around different products or services they are interested in and specifically target them to decide or get more information about you. Of course, keeping your brand front of mind is essential, and the good news is that you don’t pay unless they click.

Brand Awareness & Traffic Driving Campaigns

Brand awareness campaigns are focused on building the image of your company through a social presence. Of course, trusting a company should never be defined by the number of likes on a page. Still, it is a start in pushing awareness and building a following.

Audience Building & Lookalike Campaigns

Audience building can be much work and will take up most of any ad campaign before launch. Using your buyer persona is critical in targeting the right person you are interested in advertising. Over time, with the pixel code, the pixel will create an audience. We call this audience a lookalike audience that emulates your target person based on the interests shared among those who are converting. A lookalike audience gives us the best chance at a “perfect customer” and helps to reinforce retargeting campaigns.

Social Media Ad Creation

Social Media ads vary based on the social media platform. Regardless of the platform, we help develop the most diverse/results-driven ads based on text/images/titles/URLs/CTA buttons. Each of these elements can change the outcome of the social media ad. To ensure we continue improving the ads’ results, we A/B test them based on the vital performance indicator discussed. *Image creation is an additional cost*

A/B Testing

A/B testing helps test only one variable at a time without altering anything else so we can tell what is working and what is not. Typically, a client wants to increase sales, thus making their key performance indicator a conversion. However, this is not always the case, as some campaigns are interested in awareness or promoting a particular event. For example, pre-campaigns for releasing a movie or concert are essential to promote awareness. Therefore, once our experts test all the variables for a week (5 business days), we go back to looking at the audience.

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